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Fake Call App

If you like to make fun with people by calling or by Fake call prank here is an amazing app where you can do it. Then the name of the app is the Fake Call app. And you can easily prank someone with the help of fake calls using this app. There are many apps you can use and prank your friends. When you will call with your number their phone will show the number which is the receiver is using. There are many apps which can change the voice and change it into girls voice.

fake call app
Fake call App

By using this app you can make a fake call in a good way and it is easy to use. This is one of the best apps for fake call prank.

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Features of this app

  • Set a time for calling- You can put a timing when you want to call a person and what tie of instance you are going to call. The app will automatically call that person.
  • Set caller number- You have to just put the number in it and then you will able to prank him or her. The number you will enter it will show another person who is going to receive your call.
  • Set caller name- If you want t put any name in the app you have to put a pranked name.
  • Set a voice for a caller- As I have told you you can also put the voice of the girl in the app and prank your friends.
  • Choose a caller photo- You can choose a photo to show the receiver.
  • Simulate Fake calling screen-There you will get many options in the app.
  • Get fake SMS also- You can send fake SMS to your friends.
  • Choose a ringtone- You can choose a ringtone for your mobile phone from the fake calling app.
fake call app
fake call app

More About Fake Calling App

A fake call allows you to trick your friends and family. You can use this app to get out of awkward situations like boring meetings, parties, annoying conversations, meaningless interviews by giving you a prank call. Let’s say, you are in a boring party or in a boring group discussion and you just won’t get out of the party but you can’t because it feels awkward to everybody. In this situation, this app can help you. You just have to install this app then set a caller name or it allows you to select a contact from your contact list and then set a calling time. You can add a caller photo here which looks more authentic. And you can also add a recorded voice to this call. When you receive that call you will receive that voice which looks more authentic.

fake call app
fake call app

Then you will get a phone call according to your time and now you can get out of the party easily without causing the annoying environment. This prank call can give you a reason to get up and walk away from this awkward situation.
This app has also another feature and that is Fake SMS. You can also get fake SMS from this app. You can also set your time for SMS or chose any number as same as fake calls.
You can find a lot of prank call apps on the internet but this app is better than others. This app provides you prank call which is as like as a real call. Isn’t it is an interesting app?

fake call app
fake call app

The best part of this app is that the fake call won’t charge you any fee, it is totally free. This app is compatible with all phones and tablets and it is very easy to use. Anyone can use this app.
So what are you waiting for? Use this app to instantly get out of any awkward situation. Just download this app and install it on your mobile phone and use it when you need this app.
Fake call app does not have a real incoming call feature it is just a prank call.

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